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Roof Cleaning Birmingham, UK. Roof Moss and Lichen Removal the Eco friendly way

Roof cleaning, moss and lichen removal in Birmingham for all types of roof tiles.
Our roof cleaning product cleans your roof naturally using an eco friendly detergent and biocide - these are an ideal combination for cleaning an ingrained plant form like lichens and mosses.
Our roof cleaning product cleans thoroughly, as its residual effect keeps working for 2-3 years and is harmless for all material surfaces around your home. It can also work on a range of surfaces and this includes timber decking, cladding or fencing, stonework, all paving materials and clear sheets etc
As we always say……………safe for people, pets and plants!

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Our application is low pressure therefore cleans and protects concrete tiles but also old clay or slate tiled roofs without causing any physical damage.
If your Birmingham roof is covered in grime, moss and lichen it can ruin the street appeal of your property. So get a long lasting deep clean where you don’t have to worry about high pressure water blasting wrecking your roof. High pressure cleaning a steep roof is fraught with dangers. The kick back from the high pressure lance is severe and has the effect of putting the operator off balance. From the ground level or from the relative safety of a cherry picker cage this is not a problem. Even with a safety line attached a high pressure cleaning operator working and walking on your roof is in a very precarious situation. Even if taking all fall protect precautions a slip can cause an incredible amount of damage to the operator and also your roof, with broken tiles or slates. In the event of someone not taking all fall protection precautions the result can be disastrous.

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Roof Moss and Lichen Cleaning with Bio Degradable Products

We use eco friendly bio degradable products to remove your roof moss and lichen from your Birmingham roof.
This means that all the products we use are kind to the environment, your pets, and your home and specially formulated for lichen, moss and dirt removal. Our products are slow acting so keep on working for 2-3 years. Our biocide does not contain any bleach product at all. This is really important because when cleaning your home sometimes pools of water can gather on hard surfaces so you don't want these pools to contain any bleach product as your dog might be tempted to take a lick. This could result in a trip to the vets.

See below for lichen growing over a cracked tile - really tough to spot!
lichen growing over cracked tile

Roof Cleaning Birmingham for Concrete, Clay and Terracotta tiles - How Safe is our system?

Our Birmingham Roof Cleaning Service Saves Water over fast methods
Traditional high pressure roof cleaning uses a lot of water to clean the moss and lichen in one go on an average roof, even then it can leave bits of it behind. When high pressure cleaned the surface of the roof can look great immediately after. However the construction of your roof is that roof tiles overlap each other, and this means that lichens and mosses grow in the gaps between the tiles. This gap contains a drainage channel design to drain storm water from your roof and this gap is a haven for all sorts of biological life, so when we use our soft wash system we ensure the the tile overlaps are flooded with the liquid product, and because it is applied at low pressure there is no issue with water damage. This is an important point as high pressure cleaning systems just cannot get into this gap without flooding the loft space of your roof, causing water damage. We only use about 100 litres on an average house and this is including getting the product into all the tile overlaps.
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