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Roof Cleaning Services Birmingham, Frequently Asked Questions

I have a period house with moss on the roof and it suits the home?
We get a lot of comments about moss infestation suiting the look of period homes. The truth is that your period home was not designed to support moss growth. There are of course contemporary homes with moss, grass and sedums growing on roofs designed for the purpose. However, tiled roofs or thatch degrade seriously over time when attacked by these plant forms. They allow high humidity levels, moisture retention and frost damage that can in turn damage the underlying timber structure. You need a roof moss removal services company to remove moss and lichens.

Why has moss growth increased on my roof?
Climate change is the simple answer. We are getting higher rainfall and high humidity and together this increase the growth of moss, lichens, mould and algae. In addition there are less sulphur based chemicals in the atmosphere due to us cleaning up the use of fossil fuels. Sulphur based pollution causes acid rain and this knocks back moss and lichen growth.

Can I clean my own roof?
Roof cleaning is a specialised trade. You can apply products to your roof purchased from your local DIY store however, the purity of the active ingredient is what make it effective. This type of product is only available through the trade. The equipment to successfully apply the product is also relatively expensive, making the application by a professional roof services company cleaner and cheaper.


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